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Next generation of educational system based on XR Technology (eXtended Reality)
Johann Cohut
Sisestatud: 4. veebruar 2020
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Target: Setup a longlife learning program supported by XR (eXtended reality) as a backbone for smart cities and e-governance in Estonia. Every (e-)citizen can get an education and qualification - anytime, anywhere and on any smart device (smart phone, tablet, PC, smart glasses) to become a domain expert and achieve divers qualifications recognized by Estonian government (valid on international level). Benefits: - Estonia as first mover and cutting-edge for educational system replaces the traditional classroom with virtual environments and new training concepts based on network collaboation. - High quality education and qualification as new export hit and new income source. - Set e-residancy as prerequirement to access Estonian education and increase amount of e-residents rapidly. - New jobs and work profiles will be created (e.g. training storyboarder, XR content designer, domain expert, XR developer ...). - No investment in training hardware needed. Train people based on digital twins of assets (e.g. health equipment, entire ship, power plant, cars). - Track, monitor and analyse expert knowledge to improve domain competences in the country. Impact: All Estonian clusters will be effected by XR technology and therefore political attention is needed. So please vote, if this topic should be on the political agenda.
Märksõnad: Education system, training, XR technology, Augemented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Training, Smart City, e-governance
Kategooria: Määramata

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